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Over the years, many baby products brands are emerging to help both long time and newborn parents make parenting easier and more enjoyable. Taking good care and raising another human being is made stress free by these trusted baby brands. Some brands have been manufacturing top quality baby items for more than a decade, while others gave fresh offerings and innovative products that suits every parenting style. Most of them had different missions and motivations behind producing items that would surely be of great help for every family. These brands offer not only reliable and high-quality items, but they are also guaranteed to give you the most out of your hard-earned money. After all your babies will at some time outgrow these items so it is best to invest in brands that has good reputation of producing durable products. A few of these best baby products brand have been trusted and innovative brands are listed below will help you find the perfect gift for a baby shower, preparing for a registry or plainly doing baby product shopping.

Top 15 Baby Product Brands

1. Fisher-Price

For over nine decades, Fisher-Price is an American brand that started as manufacturers of educational toys for babies and infants. Today, they have ventured into making baby gears such as bassinets, baby soothers and bathtubs. Fisher-Price have collaborated in making toys with popular kids shows such as Thomas and friends, Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street. They are also one of the pioneers in making electronic toys for preschoolers.
Price: $5.72
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2. Chicco

The largest baby brand in Europe produces all types of clothes, toys and other baby products, they have now expanded into selling thermometers and syringes. Chicco has product offering for babies from pregnancy up to their preschool years. Their strollers, carriers, car seats and highchairs are one of the best quality and best sellers out in the market. They have been in market for over 50 years and is available in over 120 countries worldwide.
Price: $34.79
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3. VTech

VTech introduces some of the best age-appropriate and developmental stage-based toys in the market today. They manufacturer innovative educational preschool toys that are available in 25 different languages worldwide. VTech is a company that has a dedicated research team of child developmental experts and other areas such as reading, mathematics, language arts and science. They have partnered with well-known shows in Disney, Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig.
Price: $48.35
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4. Mothercare

One of the most trusted retail brands for newborn and parenting products, Mothercare is currently fulfilling its promise 50 years ago to become a one stop shop for baby needs. From baby clothes to baby furniture, Mothercare has built a strong reputation for mothers, soon-to-be-mothers, babies and toddlers. They have over 1200 stores in 53 countries worldwide.
Price: $37.73
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5. Philips  AVENT

This childcare brand under the Philipps lifestyle brand became on of the greatest manufacturers of feeding bottles, breast pumps, bottle warmers and sterilizers. They are the first baby feeding company that released an odorless and tasteless silicone feeding bottle teat.
Philips  AVENT
Price: $22.27
The petallike feature on the feeding bottle nipples is designed to mimic a natural latch similar to a mother’s breast. This makes combining breast and bottle feeding easier for both parents and baby. Check out the store for more baby products

6. Pigeon

Pigeon is a Japanese brand that started and gained recognition as nursing bottle manufacturer in hospital and nurse centers. As a bird that symbolizes peace, this brand chose the name pigeon as a promise to help babies grow up in peaceful and prosperous society. Pigeon feeding bottles are made from premium glass material that has a low melting point making it more resistant to high heat and has excellent transparency.
Price: $12.36
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7. Medela

Medela’s mission is to make breastfeeding successful and go as long as mothers want to. They are dedicated in making breastmilk available to as many babies as they can. They believe that breast milk provides the optimal nutrients needed for your baby’s growth and development. It also makes them healthier as they grow. They specialize into making top quality breast pumps that promises to make milk pumping suit every mother’s lifestyle. Their ultra-thin disposable nursing pads gives an optimized and discreet way to keep mother dry and protected from breast milk leakages.
Proce: $10.98
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8. Aden + Anais

One of the newest brand that has taken the whole baby community by storm in 2006 was Aden + Anais. Frustrated of finding swaddle blankets that are made of heavy fleece and cotton in America, founder Raegan Moya-Jones invented a soft and breathable muslin that she was used to using back in Australia and is now available in 65 countries worldwide. The versatile muslin swaddle can be used as stroller covers, baby blanket, nursing cover, and as burp cloths. Aside from swaddles, Adan + Anais now manufactures bibs, clothes blankets and towels. Their items come in different patterns and designs that shows simplicity while at the same time a sophisticated style.
Aden + Anais
Price: $7.56 
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9. Pampers

Pampers is an American brand under Procter & Gamble that caters to baby and toddlers needs. They are one of the top manufacturers of disposable diapers in the world. Aside from diapers, they are also selling different varieties of training pants, absorbent underwear, swim diapers and wet wipes. They are constantly making research and innovations on how to make diapers more comfortable and absorbent without causing diaper rashes and reduce your baby’s skin moisture.
Price: $32.49
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10. Disney Baby

Aside from collaborating with other successful baby companies, Disney has created a special line of baby clothes and items of anything related to Disney. They have the classic Mickey Mouse and friends, Disney Princesses and Toy Story designed in their items making it a sure seller for every kid and kid-at-heart. Disney baby started in 2012 and was launched at the same time as the 24-hour Disney Junior cable channel dedicated for toddler audiences. They are currently selling diaper bags, clothes, books, toys, baby gears, and other bed and bath essentials.
 Disney Baby
Price: $14.26
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11. Sunveno

Back in 2005, Sunveno was founded with mothers and babies needs in mind. They have designed and manufactured products that are suitable for modern parents. They are a one stop shop of all things hip and trendy baby products.
Price: $7.30
They have a team of researchers who constantly design and develop quality maternity and baby products such as diaper bags, bed sheets, insulation bags and even body shapers for mothers who recently gave birth. Their baby diaper bag that can also double as a cosmetic bag or a multifunctional organizer, is carefully sewn and stitched for durability. Check out the store for more baby products

12. Mumsbest

With eco-friendly products dominating the market right now, Mumsbest is currently one of the best quality supplier and manufacturer of cloth diapers. Their diapers have multiple clasp that can be used as you adjust to your baby’s growing size. It is available in different adorable colors and prints. They are also selling nappy inserts, nursing pads, changing pads and diaper wet bag. All their products are free from toxic chemicals that may harm your baby’s soft and delicate skin. Mumsbest are one of the most promising brands in the baby product industry today.
Price: $3.20
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13. Beienes

Another up and coming baby products brand is Beienes. As young as they are, babies can easily pick up cues and learn from their surroundings easily. This brand manufactures educational toys that is suitable for infants and toddlers. They are also selling feeding sets and other environmentally friendly products such as cloth books and wooden teethers. The cloth books are made from soft and durable materials that are washable and non-fading. It brings colorful visual experience and encourage different auditory and sensory development for your baby. This cloth book is a good step in getting your child into the habit of reading and appreciating books.
Price: $2.99
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14. Lekebaby

Lekebaby is a brand that focuses on producing hip and modern diaper bags suitable for every mom. They are giving a whole new meaning to diaper bags. Their designs are made so that mothers can still be fashionable and stylish even when carrying diaper and maternity bags everywhere. They are continuing to make efforts on making other baby gears look modern without sacrificing functionality.
Price: $36.24
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15. Mother Nest

Mother Nest is a brand that sells quality clothing materials. They have clothing sets, baby socks, bibs and baby carriers that are selling in different countries worldwide such as Switzerland, Australia, Canada and France. They also have a line of baby bath and bedding items. Their adorable rompers and clothing sets are a perfect gift for babies. It comes in different sizes, color and design that is suitable for both baby girls and boys. These products are made from 100% cotton that is safe and comfortable for your baby.
Mother Nest
Price: $4.51
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Getting the Best Branded Products For Your Baby

Baby products have undeniably one of the biggest markets today. With almost everyone excited and fulfilled with joy whenever a baby is conceived and born; parents, friends and other family members have the tendency to buy what is best for the baby. The brands are only some of the examples that gives high quality products that will surely be a great investment throughout every baby’s growing up years. Read Also; Best Baby Products on AliExpress