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You know the technology with baby monitors has advanced tremendously within the last couple of years, because of that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to decide which baby monitor is best for you in your family. So a father Kraft, we put together a list of the best baby monitors of 2020 plus we’ve thrown in a few, although popular monitors, ones that we feel like you should avoid.

Baby Monitor 2020 REVIEW

So, let’s jump into it. We are actually giving away our favorite monitor for 2020. So be sure to stick around to the end, to figure out how you can enter all three of our monitors, our Wi-Fi monitors, meaning you use your smartphone or your tablet as the parent unit. Why do we choose Wi-Fi monitors three reasons? One connectivity as long as you’re connected to your Wi-Fi or a cellular signal you’re connected to the video feed. You don’t have to carry around an extra bulky parent unit, three to display on your smart phone. Its going to be many times better than the display on one of these guys. All three of our baby monitors are easy to use and reliable. As with all baby stuff, you do not want to be futzing around at 3:00.

In the morning, sleep-deprived trying to figure out what’s going on in the monitor alright. Finally, the two video monitors in our list have what we think is the most important monitor innovation today, and that is a bird’s eye view mounting now hold on keep your heads out of the gutter. You can mount your monitor on the wall and it will provide you with an unobstructed view into your baby’s crib, no more blind spots, no more guessing as to what your baby is doing. Somebody please pass the popcorn thanks. Its not that you have a bird’s-eye view.

Lets get into the best baby monitors of 2019 countdown style number three, the owlet, so the island is a non-traditional baby monitor and it’s great for newborns babies that were born prematurely and for first-time parents who are prone to excessively checking in her baby to make sure They’re still breathing no judgment on this side. I was actually one of those parents, so I totally feel where you’re coming from so the outlet is basically a side. That’S left over your baby’s ankle and it monitors your baby’s blood oxygen levels and her heart rate. Using this sensor here, which is basically the same high level tech that you’d find in your pediatrician’s office technically, the Ala is not even a video monitor. However, they just released the outlet cam, which will pair with the sock and it’ll, make it a much more complete monitoring device. So there’s a physical base station and that goes by your bed and there’s an app that goes on your phone, ready to flex those preschool stoplight skills. Green means normal, you’re good to go. Yellow means the sock probably isn’t positioned correctly on your child’s ankle and red means. The sock is either not connected or some of those vitals that we mentioned earlier are outside of normal ranges.

So the outlet is pretty awesome, but it does have a couple of drawbacks. You should be aware of first, it’s pricey the base station and sock started at 299 bucks and, if you add on the outlet cam, that’s an additional 100 bucks, hiking it up to $ 399 for the whole kit. The second issue we had was the you know that everything is ok light. That green light I mentioned earlier is pretty bright, go ahead and grab one of those IMS, maybe turn on some aromatherapy. If that’s how it works. You’re going to be fine, so number 2 on our list is the cocoon camp. So this is actually the cheapest option on our list coming in around 150 bucks. It’S a really solid entry level monitor within the new Wi-Fi genre, and it’s got a standout feature that we’re gon na get to in a minute so stay tuned. This one is one of the monitors that has the bird’s eye view mounting. It’s got top-notch encryption and it’s got a pretty good picture quality, not great, but pretty good. So let’s get back to that standout feature. It has the ability to monitor your child’s breathing using something called computer vision and it will alert you of it.

There is an issue, so what is computer vision? Computer vision is the basically the brains of this camera that does all the breathing detection in the camera, meaning your child does not have to wear something like a sock or something does it have to be placed under your child. While it’s sleeping, we found two drawbacks with the cocoon cam one was installation both with the app and the physical mounting on the wall and two was portability: it’s not portable once it’s mounted on the wall on the wall, so overall the cocoon canvas pretty solid. Pretty easy to use for the price gives you quite the bang for your buck, so the best baby monitor of 2019, a little banana plus the Nana plus to us are head and shoulders of any other monitor. We’Ve tested in the past. We’Ve actually done a few full length. Reviews of this monitor so check out the link, there’s some link in the description or just type, this link in your url, so we’re just gon na hit the the three features that we find most valuable and again to find out more about those other features.

Go see our review all right number one picture and sound quality, no doubt the best in the biz on the Nano plus so combined with the bird’s eye view. You’re going to get a great picture of what’s going on with your baby inside the crib it’ll be riveting, pass that popcorn back. Oh, thanks, [Applause, ] to the sleep insights package, an absolute GameChanger there’s nothing else like it on the market. So basically, what this thing will do is analyze your child’s sleep and, over time, provide you with customized tailored sleeping tips to help improve the sleep of your child at night and trust me you’re, gon na want all the help you can get your hands on to Help you get your baby sleeping through the night feature. Three meta: it just works. It connects super easily set up as a snap. The app is simple and easy to use. I mean even works via Bluetooth, meaning if your internet goes down, you’ve still got a video feed. It is also incredibly portable. This snaps off the wall mount pop it on to your multi, stand and you’re good to go for a sleepover at Grandma’s house. So the big thing to note about the Nanna plus is the price: comes with the multi stand the wall mount and if you get the insights package you’re looking at three hundred and eighty bucks or so for that entire package. Now, let’s run through three really popular monitors, but at the same time really bad monitors number one on this bad monitor list is the infant optics vxr8 more like infant optics DX? Are you kidding me somehow this monitor is the best-selling monitor on Amazon?

I don’t know how it bottles, in my mind, based off our testing and we’ve tested, two of them over the last four years or so there’s no way that this thing should be ranked as high as it is at least on Amazon. So it’s a traditional monitor, meaning that the camera syncs up with the parent unit via a radio frequency signal. Some of the downsides with this monitor are true with any non-Wi-Fi monitor and that is you’re gon na compromise on range and picture quality. You need a direct line to maintain it a solid connection and again this video resolution there’s about 360 P, which is basically dog poo, but for the 165 bucks that you shell out for this thing, you could get the cocoon cam and still have 15 bucks left Over to buy some other outdated item like a DVD number to our list, the our little baby baby monitor. I just met you, and this sounds crazy, but this Arlo baby should be called Arlo.

Maybe we actually really like this monitor at first. Its got great picture quality, that’s undeniably cute with the bunny ears, and it’s got some pretty cool features within the app. However, the more we tested it, the more we started, realizing two things happening again and again, one the app experience is dreadful too many buttons. There are too many buttons that do the same thing. There are too many buttons that I don’t know what it does. It’s just a mess. Second latency, I mean there’s about a five second delay between what actually happened in the crib and then when it showed up on the video feed and within the app and that’s a long time when you’re trying to figure out if your baby is okay in her Crib all right number, the three owners, not good list – is the nest. Cam simply put, this is not a baby monitor and it shouldn’t be treated as such. So this monitor does not have background audio meaning when you close the app the sound shuts off and if you’re trying to use this as a baby monitor. If you close your app, you need to at least be able to hear. Whats going on inside of your baby’s crib, so we talked a extensive detail on our website about why this doesn’t work as a baby monitor, so go ahead and visit this link below to get more information or, if you feel like further convincing, is necessary all right. So you’ve stuck around to the end and really appreciate it.

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